Union Pacific Railroad Depot

| 26th Avenue & 12th Street 
| Columbus, NE

The Union Pacific Railroad Depot, built in 1887, was located north of the tracks, along with later buildings that were designed in the elaborate Romanesque Revival style indicative of greater economic prosperity. Massive Richardsonian Romanesque elements were used for the depot featuring polychromatic color schemes and rough-cut stone to reflect mass. The rounded ladies’ waiting area featured a cone-shaped roof. The entrance was adorned with a triangular pediment and columns. Many of the doors and windows were surrounded by rusticated stone. In 1909 the Depot was expanded and restyled adding express and baggage areas. The rounded east end of the original structure was a waiting room for ladies.

In 2015, the Depot was determined to be too close to the tracks and the price to move and/or restore was too prohibitive so it was razed.

Historic Union Pacific Railroad Depot

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